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retardedapplejuice Rating
***Contains: A lot of fluff, with some smexy scenes. :3 *** The art is quite good - great at presenting our couple: a cute but active guy, and a tall aloof top. Progression between the two happens quite fast but it's still enjoyable if you don't mind fluff with a hint of something more. There are *certain scenes* that aren't as graphic as I'd like them to be but it fits quite well with the title, overall.
squarechestnut Rating
The way Haruomi expressed his feelings towards Taishi is indeed romantically thrilling, but when we got to hear his reason, I find it lacking. Their relationship developed so fast that I cannot make myself accept it even if part of me was blushing from the scenes. If only there was a bit more history between them, I would have been more accepting.The smut is not as graphic as I wish it would be. And most of the time they were cut before I could even indulge myself to it. Some of the dialogues are confusing as to which of them was talking. But overall, this is an okay story. If you want a top who's aloof but has a soft side and a bot who's small and energetic, then this would definitely appeal to you.
fideliashoshanah Rating
A very fun, very cute ride! Hijinks ensue almost immediately after the events described in the summary, and while there aren't a lot of purely emotional beats given much weight, what is there is done well, and the expressive art carries the feelings across clearly. Even the sex scenes are a little more cute than purely steamy, with some realistic first-time awkwardness thrown in, but the several montages of the protagonists spending their time together--so obviously a couple though they and those around them fail to see it somehow--honestly makes the whole thing worth it.
CadetJune Rating
Adorable y'all that's it, that's the whole review
msscotchnut Rating
This was so cute and wholesome! I loved their relationship dynamic and even though it was pretty short I got attached to the characters and was rooting for them all the way :) I liked that they didn't waste time on annoying ones dimensional side characters and focused solely on the plot and the relationship of the two leads. The art style is also consistently gorgeous and I am now officially a fan of this author!!!
malcosky Rating
Loving this!Thank you Renta for bringing this to English version. To the mangaka thanking for your hard work. Looking ahead for your next future work.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh my heart is still swooning! Taishi and Haru were so adorable and their expressions were both great! I loved the art, my heart fluttered when I could feel the emotions *sigh*... The story was cute and pretty hilarious to me. I just wish it didn't end so soon! I've already reread it! And that semi-final single page bonus, so funny. Thank you Miwa!
alienxxi Rating
This is so cute! A couple who wanted to be like each other, Taishi who wants to be Haru and vice versa. Art is definitely beautiful and the storylines is adorable!
Luna2018 Rating
It started so stupid and ended so sweetly! ???
Hildi Rating
Loved it! For me, it was just the right amount of drama (i.e. hardly any).
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