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fionav3 Rating
I have only one word for this; irritating.
Mouse Rating
I'm a sucker for a bossy bottom/a bottom who leads so this is actually pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how the relationship between Rei and Nazu develops, too, since it seems to be kinda complicated. Just hope it doesn't get too messy and break any hearts.
nonarygamed Rating
This is not a romance series like the previous Hiroto Kujirada works on this site. I'm incredibly overjoyed to see their art style on an adult storyline. This is indeed a love triangle series! I would have preferred for another complete volume but I have a feeling this one might be a long one! Can't wait for more.
Stone Rating
Not bad. I only read chp 2. Arts nice. I usually go for smut when reading yaoi. So it's that for sure.
BringMeTheSmut Rating
The art is good and there's plenty of smut. The story didn't grab me though. I found myself not caring about the characters.
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