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Sittinadzra08 Rating
OMG! It's finally heeeeeeere T.T thank you sooo much erenta sama. I was looking forward for this one to be translated in engvers T.T because this one is pretty good! Ive been collecting this even in raws now, i can read it in english T.T thank you so so much...
spicewolf19 Rating
The art is just beautiful!!!!!
lumigasa Rating
Firstly the story is dub-con so if that's something that puts you off, than this story will most likely be triggering. I'm saying that, I don't believe this story is the worst or evens bad offender. Moving on, I like the character profiles and motivations and the scenes get hot fast with the MC female giving us the audience the impression she is in fact willing participant. The MC guy is well drawn but yet to make a judgement on his action and if his means are justified. I do find myself quietly rooting for the love rival as we see glimps of what could have been a very healthy and rewarding relationship for the MC girl. Anyway, I can't wait to see more! The story is rich but has a lot of mystery, the characters are bright and make me root for them. Highly recommend. P.s I did notice a character redesign for the MC girl, I think the stylisation changes made her appear more soft and pretty.
Mangareader Rating
This story literally makes my heart throb - even though it's a little illogical that she would think megumi is a completely different person, the emotional toil behind each of their personalities is very well highlighted. The author/artist know exactly how to enthrall the reader, something that I wish more manga would be good in. Excellent and I can't wait for more (please please please release the whole series asap!)
Rieuna Rating
I really like this story so far. Only one chapter in, but now I am actively trying to buy the raws just so I can find out what happens next. I hope translations will come sooner ahhh. I want to know what happened between those two.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Gasp!!! This escalated quickly!! Akira is remembering her childhood friend who she lost touch with over ten years ago and thinks she's encountered him again at a mixer. But it's not him???? I think I know how this is going to go based on the title, but little to no background is really given yet. So I need the next chapter to get a better grasp. But so far I'm loving the artwork and how fast the story is moving along.
peichi Rating
I want to like this but it's really hard to get past the ridiculous premise. How could anyone fall for this, she is so gullible. Even Clark Kent is a better disguise than this guy. He takes off his glasses often so there is literally no difference in appearance between Megumi and "Keiichi“. She's knew Megumi in high school when he was already pretty much full grown and then catches a decent glimpse of him again in the beginning of the series and after she starts dating "Keiichi" she talks face to face with him and his only disguise is a face mask. So no excuse of it having been awhile since she's seen Megumi. And then she sees him talking on the phone using his real name and without even asking him she just decides she must have misheard it. I feel like it should have been middle school that they last saw each other, then it would've been believable. I do like the male lead though, he is hot and I appreciate how he's tried to be a much better person than he was in high school.
pewpew Rating
This story is spicy. I'd recommend it.
Zeet Rating
Even though it's only the first episode, I am already hooked! Can't wait for the next one!!!!
AngieAurora93 Rating
Im addicted! Cute yet sad story and art is amazing.
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