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animepie Rating
Ok. This is the author's first serialized manga so it's expected that there will be some hiccups but I felt like this had the potential to be more interesting. it fell into so many yaoi cliche traps that it just felt irritating. I'm honestly not even sure how their relationship developed. The scene where the top molests the bottom for the first time just comes out of nowhere. It just made him feel more like an asshole than compelling. And he just responds with that he's gay and then we get that being gay makes you a predator thought from MC. Then we get the explanation of why he's a people pleaser more times than I believe are necessary. Then somehow we end up at I'm not gay but I like you.Tldr: It had the potential to be moderately interesting if not cliche, but it fell into even worse cliches.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
Well dang, this manga had a LOT of the end, it pretty much ruined the whole thing for me due to how pointless the drama felt and how much the MCs skirted around one another. This story takes place in high school, and these particular high schoolers have absolutely horrible communication skills with one another... It's a plot point in the manga, but a pointless one that felt ridiculous due to how it was carried out. It basically caused one of the main characters to be borderline abusive toward the other one for the majority of the whole manga and just... ugh. Made my head hurt.The story fell flat despite the art being so nice, and it was a bigger disappointment than I thought. Despite my whining, it might be someone else's cup of tea. I just can't stand cliche, abusive yaoi plots involving stupid teenagers anymore... It could have had so much potential, which truly sucks.
LetMeIn Rating
Rate 3-4 stars. I just couldn't get into it. So disappointed. Why did I buy this. I like the art, the premise, the characters' identities but hate how the male leads interract with each other. "How to force your crush to drop their people-pleaser mask by forcefully groping them against their will and acting like you own them 101!" I hate how the bottom just let's the top do as he pleases and at one point even apologizes for saying no when top touched him without permission (often!). I just scrolled half-way through the story 'cause f this.
mabbitybabbity Rating
I enjoyed the manga. It does have the consent issues many manga stories have, but I've read worse. I keep my fan-glasses tuned into the fact that this is totally fiction/fantasy. I love the art and do hope the artist will keep making manga!
Uglycreature Rating
I would like to start by saying this is absolutely amazing you did a great job making this. I read some others reviews and wanted to put this here to tell you, you are amazing and you're a great creator so no matter what everyone else says look at your work and smile knowing that you created this masterpiece keep creating what you want to and not what others want you to do, n know that though I'm nobody I appreciate you c:
SkylarUnknown Rating
Definitely worth a read and a reread. Though short it Definitely gives the characters enough depth. I would've loved to see more of Makoto. But alas I'll live.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I seriously loved this story. The characters are so different, but they work together. I love how the seme sees right through the uke's fake personality and calls him out. You can tell he really loves him by noticing the little things. Although the story is not complex, it is a great story about just being yourself cause those that really care will love you no matter what.
nonarygamed Rating
The art and the plot are cute and heartfelt, but in the first chapter, the dark haired guy sexually assaults the lighter haired guy to get his attention, and it's shrugged off immediately. If It wasn't for that, it would be much better. So, it's not bad, but if S/A is a deal breaker, pass on this one.
RavenMocker Rating
This book I really like the artwork, dialogue and how the main antagonist explained the whole "I hate you" to his love interest and why he did what he did. I found the ending satisfying enough, but feel there could've been a little bit more. But I would read it again.
Chiara692005 Rating
Reading the other reviews, I thought this manga wasn't so good but I do literally ADORE the last work of this author both for art and plot and so I rent this. Now I am going to buy this permanent as I find It certo good as well.
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