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SaraGold Rating
So, first of all, the summary really makes it sound like it's going to be full on assault, but aside from the fact he's not sober when it happens, it's really dub-con at worst so far. Like, the only objection during was about overstimulation. And he freaks out after, but even that's mostly about age gaps and the whole “this can't be a professional relationship now that they've banged” thing. He would've probably been able to be talked back down from his freak out if the editor didn't come back right then.Other points:The art's pretty, I like the character designs.There's a lot of setup, and some backstory, so it seems like we're going to get some story beyond what's necessary for the smut.Overall so far, I'm looking forward to more.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Can I have 10 stars??? So amazing!! I'm not even gonna deny my enjoyment in love triangles. Also, I am happy there were actual smut scenes with ALL three characters. Also, the story is sweet and heartfelt. It is worth it to buy.
kyokobaby Rating
Chapter 4 has the payout I was hoping for!!!!! I remain hopeful that the next chapter continues this trend because it's one of my fave tropes! And even if things head a different direction, I can just reread this chapter to my hearts content.
vanlee84 Rating
Loved it!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!
Mire97 Rating
Love it, though the first chapter is kinda short. I still can't wait for the next one. It needs more sex though.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!!! The art alone has me hooked. The character building has me hooked. The pacing is so good! But now I'm chomping at the bit because of that epic cliffhanger!!!! Satoshi's new “roomie” knows his editor? And they obviously have a history by the way they're shooting daggers at each other. Oh the plot thickens!!! This gonna be a good read I can feel it!!! Can't wait for chapter two!!!
bvnskx Rating
I loved it so much I had to get the physical copy, wished they had the extra that they have in the book. overall, I really do love how he gave them the chance of loving him! the art style is was hooked me and I love Tomo Nakami's work!
SpikeKitten Rating
I really liked this story. It actually showed some of the hardships of being gay and coming out. It's not super serious, but it's also not super frivolous. It's a decent balance. Yes every thing happens fast, but there's also some thought and seriousness hand sewn into the seams. I think, for what it is, it's a great story.
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Good writing, good dialogue and good art style. Nothing too original with the story and the characters but ticked all the boxes in terms of fluffy and sexy moments.
LittleMiss Rating
It's soooooo cute and I'm always so happy when love triangles become happy polyam triads
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