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animepie Rating
Chapter one already has me crying. MC finds himself at his lowest, having given up his dream and he makes a fateful encounter with an old friend who wraps him up with kindness and support. The hopelessness was so relatable and the warmth and gentleness he received was so sweet, enough to break my heart. Definitely feels like a healing manga. Happily awaiting future chapters.
Cressellia Rating
I loved the Author's other work and this one is gearing up to be a real tear jerker of the wholesome verity! I just love how most of the drama so far has been generated by their life passions~I personally don't mind it when stories have the gay identity be the drama, I think it's important to represent the turbulence of one's feelings when faced with a romance that "isn't the norm", but having stories where that is secendary or non-existant feels like a breath of fresh air.
Spiceylynne Rating
Oh, I just want to hug the main character! He is very hard on himself, and his friend is so loving! Their dynamic is incredibly sweet. I can't wait to read more!
LetMeIn Rating
After ch 2, I'm 99,998% certain that this story will become my new long-time favorite. The amount of caring-! Deep, healing and fluffy all at once! I already shed a few tears, too relatable. Can't wait for more!
Wednesday Rating
More please! So sweet.
OzawaShuri Rating
Aaaahhh!! Give me more! I love it!! It is so wholesome!! *cries*
legallybling Rating
I'm only two chapters in and I'm sooo invested in this story already! The main character is relatable and sweet, and I can't help but to cheer for him. The kids are also adorable! Ahhhh I can't wait to see the continuation!!
celi Rating
This made me tear up in the first chapter! Everyone needs validation in whatever it is they do. It's such a human emotion and I really felt Aki's despair. Please don't misunderstand though, this is not a "super sad" read. It is actually quite cute and fluffy. Jus as you can expect from Ikemori! I love their other works and I'm sure I'm going to love this one too. Can't wait for the next chapter!
freshleaf Rating
I've only read the first chapter so far and it's so good already! Super cute and i love the plot as well… can't wait to see how this develops
Bombombombom Rating
I love this series and wish I could pick up a print edition. The characters are so sweet and their struggles feel so authentic to me. I love their maturity and development. Definitely a series I will reread from time to time.
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