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Ehboggio Rating
This is so cute! I love this new Dom/sub genre that's like the omegaverse. I want to see more comics like this.
DarthVader Rating
This is an unusual twist on the typical dom-sub genre. I was hesitant to rent it at first, because I thought that it would probably involve non-consensual activity, but it's all consensual and quite sweet! Give it a try!
yellowdoors Rating
One of the best mangas I have ever read! So cute, perfect level of smut. Beautiful art. I already can't wait to read it again!
GregorIAN Rating
I avoided this because the others with this concept have been really dark lately (and they pretend like they aren't) but this one is so much better!!! That being said Yoh is a freaking brat. Itsuki is adorable, and Shuji is very sweet, so it makes anyone who purposefully gets in the way all the more frustrating. I'm betting we'll find out a "good" reason, and all stories need an antagonist, but Itsuki deserves the world, so I'm getting extra salty about it.
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