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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Very interesting take on dom/sub genre. I liked that it was a bit of a slow burn and a bit high in angst. Like will their hearts reach each other or not? They were complete opposites in every way and it worked for them. Shuji finally found the perfect sub for him and he was actually capable of being a bit rougher because he was totally insatiable for Itsuki! And Itsuki actually did love being treated fairly and with tenderness. Yoh was a twit for sure lol!!! Blame it on his youth. But there's no cheating and they grow super fond of each other without losing their initial spark. It's cute and has some pretty good steam just not enough for me. One read through is good enough for me.
GregorIAN Rating
I avoided this because the others with this concept have been really dark lately (and they pretend like they aren't) but this one is so much better!!! That being said Yoh is a freaking brat. Itsuki is adorable, and Shuji is very sweet, so it makes anyone who purposefully gets in the way all the more frustrating. I'm betting we'll find out a "good" reason, and all stories need an antagonist, but Itsuki deserves the world, so I'm getting extra salty about it.
DarthVader Rating
This is an unusual twist on the typical dom-sub genre. I was hesitant to rent it at first, because I thought that it would probably involve non-consensual activity, but it's all consensual and quite sweet! Give it a try!
yellowdoors Rating
One of the best mangas I have ever read! So cute, perfect level of smut. Beautiful art. I already can't wait to read it again!
lovesfiction97 Rating
It's cuuute. I actually quite liked this and I'm not usually a fan of the dom/sub trope where it might as well be omegaverse (always wondered what actual bdsm people think about this version of dom/sub? Feels like a bastardization of the real thing).That said the main couple really have great chemistry together. Their dynamic is fun and the slow burn of them realizing their feelings is nice.I'm only dropping it for now because I see where they're going with the love rival and I don't have energy for all that rn.The interaction where we fully realize the love rival is a love rival gave strong shoujo manga vibes too, which was both nostalgic and annoying.
reyji Rating
I loved this manga a lot!! The art is pretty, the smut is hot, the characters are funny, and the use of the dom/sub verse is just *chefs kiss*. It's a fairly lighthearted story, with just a touch of drama/misunderstandings that's nicely resolved in a relatively timely manner (rather than dragging on for the entire story, lol). I recommend buying it rather than renting, because you'll want to read it again!!
Ehboggio Rating
This is so cute! I love this new Dom/sub genre that's like the omegaverse. I want to see more comics like this.
FujoshiHeart Rating
This sets a solid tone for what a dom/sub story should be. From the start everything between the two leads is about consent and trying to understand the other's needs. I'm not against more aggressive/rough treatment but it needs to be on this level of respect between the partners. Shuji and Itsuki's relationship is so cute but sexy. I loved seeing how their two personalities differed between public life and in the bedroom. The fact that Shuji has a soft heart makes his role as the dom all the better to me. I also loved how learning he was a sub helped Itsuki grow as a person. 10/10 pairing. Highly recommend.
Artbreaker Rating
Totally recommend it! It's such a healthy Sub-Dom Relationship. I'm so happy that there's a continuation!
Blluevaz Rating
CUUUTEEE and a lil kinky. Sort of a play on the idea of ABO where being a Dom or a Sub are genetic traits with side effects, but it's navigated with a very cute plot about being honest with your own feelings. The transition from chapter 2 and 3 was awkward and abrupt, I think there's some mistranslation regarding timeframes, but i liked the characters a lot once I understood what was going on lolI say give the first 2 chapters a try to see if it works for you, since it won't make sense with just the first.