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After Being Scouted by God, I Ended up in an Alternate Universe. -Domestic Magic Makes for an Easy Life.-

We're back again with another fluffy isekai story that you should definitely check out if you like magic, talking animal friends, or just bubbly and fun manga in general! As a reward for her long and fruitful life, Towako is granted a second life by God in the war-torn magical world of Astaire. Reincarnated in a new body named Maria, she also receives three magical abilities as well: Domestic Magic, the ability to do household chores with a snap of her fingers; Appraisal, the ability to instantly recognize and learn about any object in the world; and an Item Box that can temporarily stop time. Armed with her new powers and a brand new life, Towako-Maria (or Toa for short) sets out to make a new life for herself. Domestic Magic certainly makes for a carefree life, but that doesn't mean that Toa can rest on her haunches. She still needs to find a place to live and a way to make a living somehow! This story keeps you turning every page wondering what talking mystical creature or magical potion will be coming next. If you enjoy light, carefree stories, you don't have to be scouted by God to read this comic!

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