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Our House: Love Trouble

Mmm ripped men in suits... truly a gift. I see plenty of businessmen in Boys' Love but Owal's art just really hits the spot y'know? Just the right amount of chiseled... Anyway... This manga has hella energy! It never really stops to take a break (not that it needs to) and just keeps going like a record-holding roller coaster. Nonohiko is the pure, innocent, virgin boy who's just entered a house of MEN. I say men, there's really only one man that's out to dirty Nonohiko's purity, and that the beautiful, sex crazed Hibiki.
The story starts off pretty intense, with Hibiki mistaking Nonohiko for a call-boy he ordered, but then they hit the 'oh we actually like each other' part and it gets strangely wholesome (but still hot and sweaty as heck) and you find yourself furiously flipping pages so you can reach the next bang-fest.
"Our House" really manages to pull off a smut heavy story, whilst keeping the relationship sweet and interesting to follow, which a lot of smuttier series struggle to do. Also, inverted nipples. That is all.

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