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Embrace My Shadow [VertiComix] (Current ch. 165) NEW VertiComix


Because of a trade, she fell prey to the most powerful and dangerous man in Dongling. She's only a regular girl in the daytime; during the night, however, she's under his control... He pinched her chin, smiling intimidatingly and said: "I own the whole Dongling City. Where do you think you can hide? "


Beware of the Beast [VertiComix] (Current ch. 29) VertiComix

Rio Iwai works at the planning department of a big sports goods maker. She is known for her beauty and efficient work, but she stands out in the company to the point of having been given the nickname of "Miss Malediction." The reason for the distance she keeps with her colleagues lies in her past... She's particularly bad at dealing with Motoki Noguchi, a colleague a year younger than her. However, he suddenly confesses his feelings at company drinks after she's had one too many! She turns him down right away, but he won't give up! And on top of that, his skilled caresses make her lose her mind...
A heated story of a love affair in the office!
Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!


Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy [VertiComix] (Current ch. 32) VertiComix


Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!
Though she's a tomboy with a hangup over her tiny chest, Iori has a crush on Sota Seto, who is the pastry chef at the cafe where she works. Iori was sure that he wasn't interested in her until one day, he suddenly professes his love for her and goes on to kiss her. She sees him unclothed for the first time - and my, he's huge!! She never would have expected the graceful man's lips to be caressing her all over. It's terribly embarrassing, but she discovers that his you-know-what isn't gross at all...


Taken For His Pleasure Comic


Detective Lydia is upset by her assignment. Someone is trying to kill famous playboy Anton Santini, and she has been tasked to play the part of his lover! While waiting to meet him, Lydia takes a swim in the hotel pool and is surprised to see Anton gliding toward her in the water. Upon reaching her, he whispers sweet words and then passionately kisses her! Is the act starting already? This is Lydia's job¡Äso why does she feel so hot inside?



Loose Night: A Night of Depravity for a Downtrodden Woman and a Beautiful Beast (Current ch. 23) Comic


Misato Arai, age 26, never had a physical relationship. In order to get a boyfriend, she suffers one disappointment after another... Stepping into a drag bar hoping to bolster her self-esteem, she just loses even more confidence by seeing all the beautiful drag queens and drinks away her sorrows. Getting tipsy, she goes on about how she's not satisfied getting off on her own, so the bartender offers Misato an unbelievable suggestion...! "Why don't I do it for you? Maybe it'll feel better if someone else touches you?" As Misato's body unravels under the kind of seductive touch of the bartender, her mind goes completely blank... "You just don't understand yourself yet." "Is this beautiful man the one who can change who I am...?"


Intimate, But Not A Friend [Total ch. 18] (Current ch. 4) Comic

AuthorCoco Aino

All it took was a kiss to turn Misaki's life upside down... It was during their final year of high school when Asahi changed bright, fun-loving Misaki's life forever. Kissing his best friend and proceeding to touch his body, Asahi didn't realize that he had made Misaki aware of his own nature. Misaki is crushed when he goes to see Asahi and finds him with a girl. They end their friendship, and five years quickly go by.


The Pregnancy Proposal Comic


I never thought I'd get pregnant... Tasha, a young lawyer, was shocked by this unexpected fact. The father of the child is Jared, who had been living with her for the past two years, one of the most talented barristers in Brisbane. When she gathered up the courage to tell Jared that she was pregnant, he pondered for a while and then said, "Let's get married. That's the best choice." So he wants to get married just out of a sense of duty? I can't raise a child in a loveless home. Tasha decided to become a single mother and ran away from her apartment...



The Brooding Duke Of Danforth Comic


Abby was proposed to by the beautiful Duke Benedict, who was rumored to be the best groom in the world. She accepted in a dreamy mood, but ran away from the wedding when she found out he had a mistress. The whole of England criticized me for leaving the duke at the altar, and I can never hope to marry again. But that's okay. Three months later, Abby was traveling in a carriage when a storm hits, and she sought help at a nearby mansion, where it turned out Benedict, his mistress, and a gossipy socialite were staying...



My Personal Bodyguard Pleasures Me Again and Again with a Serious Face [Total ch. 19] (Current ch. 2) Comic


Asahi receives an email from an unknown address, but it's filled with garbled text and she soon falls asleep while looking at it. A few days later, a stranger starts chasing after her, but she's saved by a serious-looking guy named Toma Kurosawa. Turns out, Asahi has been targeted by a criminal organization because she saw the contents of a confidential email that was sent to her by accident, and Toma has been assigned to protect her as her bodyguard!
After that, Toma follows her everywhere, even to her workplace, making snide comments about her work and what she eats... Jeez, what's his problem!? Still not processing the whole situation, she gets kidnapped by a group of men and is forced to take a strange medicine... Suddenly, her body's burning hot and Toma's gently caressing her to calm her body, stimulating all her sweet spots...


Stuck On My Stepbrother, Can't Escape This Paralyzing Love -I Love You, Shun...- (Current ch. 11) Comic

It's nice to be living with the man you love... even if he happens to be your stepbrother. Shun and Ruri have been stepsiblings since their parents remarried when they were kids. Now they both attend the same college, and share a secret that nobody else can know! In comparison to reserved and plain Ruri, Shun has always been popular with both guys and girls. He's rumored to being gentle in bed, but when it comes to Ruri, he can't stop his possessive streak from getting the best of him...!


Show It To Me, Baby! (Current ch. 13) Comic

Finally a manager at age 35, Asahi Maebashi seems to have it all. People think she's gorgeous, and everyone knows how good she is at her job. Now if only she could have as much confidence in the bedroom... but is it any surprise she has given up on love and marriage after her husband divorced her for her lack of skills in the boudoir? Asahi is determined to be celibate, but now she has a new burning desire... to see a man touch himself while looking at her! As fate would have it, she meets 29-year-old Kouya Kisarazu, a hot, but slightly narcissistic director, through work. He doesn't seem inexperienced with women, but after a traumatic past, he is so insecure in that arena, he has already had enough! He would like a woman to watch him spank his monkey, though!! Realizing this is a win-win situation, the two release their inner freaks and help each other out...


What We Do When the Curtain Comes Down (Current ch. 9) Comic Hot


This alpha is the only thing I need...
Mitsuki is an idol who hides the fact that he is an omega. In an industry full of alphas, he clawed his way up the ranks and became the top idol at his agency. The next-most popular idol in the game is Mahiro, who is sharp and boasts all the qualities of an alpha. Mitsuki, who doesn't like Mahiro, ends up going on stage with him to help avert an emergency. But, while they are on stage, Mitsuki's medicine stops working and he goes into heat... Mahiro saves the day and the crowd is none the wiser, but Mitsuki is overcome with desires and passions he has never known before...


Just Been Married! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic Hot


Takara was six years old when a transfer student from the city came and destroyed his tranquil life. 20 years flew by with constant fighting, and before they knew it, they were married.

His partner, Kyosuke Saionji, is misanthropic, stubborn, and arrogant. His cynicism is wasted on his handsome face. Takara fights to tame Kyosuke every day, but despite his stubbornness, he's actually pure-hearted and likes caring for others.

When Kyosuke exclaims that he'll "cheat" on Takara adult media and leaves the house, what will Takara do?

This digital version includes four pages of special bonus content.


A House Near the Station with a Wizard [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

AuthorYuumi Imai

Tsukasa Amamiya works at a real estate agency located on a slightly peculiar shopping street. One of his clients, a wizard named Mizuki, has been hitting on him for days now. Tsukasa introduces him to several possible new homes, but it always ends with Mizuki agreeing so long as Tsukasa moves in with him. In hopes of breaking free from Mizuki's spell (curse), Tsukasa lies about having a boyfriend. This in turn leads to some unusual changes in his life...

This is the somewhat strange tale of a confident wizard and his indifferent, bespectacled real estate agent.


Loopy Peeps! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Fuyuha's carefree with his love life, and his best friend Chiharu loves fooling around. They absolutely love the party scene and spend their days and nights having nonstop fun. Their club at college has a rival, run by Nanatsu, a tan hottie famous for banging over 1,000 people. Fuyuha tries to keep his distance from Nanatsu to avoid any unwanted hassle. One night, though, he stumbles into a room in a club where everyone's going to town on each other in the dark. He thinks he's sucking off Chiharu, and the two end up going all the way. He's shocked when the lights come on and it's that playboy Nanatsu rocking his world!! What was supposed to be a one-time thing turns into more as the arrogant king locks his sights on Fuyuha! As long as Fuyuha's having the time of his life, anything goes! The wild young lives of party guys are on full display!
Includes four digital-only pages.

30% OFF

One-Man Woman Comic Hot


Wealthy Daniel arrives at the hotel that Ellie manages. At first, Ellie is intrigued by this flashy man, but soon Daniel is pestering her at every turn during his stay. Ellie resists his advances, yet slowly she finds herself ready to give in to his charm. But is she prepared to be just another one of his whims?



This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won't Be Looking for a Fiance [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic

Princess Alicia doesn't want to be married off in an arranged marriage, so she agrees to an impossible wager with her mother: Enter an all-boys school as a "boy" and find real love among a number of approved candidates. What she doesn't plan on is falling in love with handsome Lucius, a non-approved guy who figures out her secret! Oh, and she realizes she's a reincarnation of a romance-novel-loving girl who is living in one of her favorite stories! Find out what happens next in this comical love fantasy!


You're Gonna Have to Beg for It -After Hours with My Teasing Teacher- [VertiComix] (Current ch. 26) VertiComix


Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!
Saori finds herself at a new school after her dad gets transferred for work. She makes friends right away, and her homeroom teacher, Mr. Nakashima, is really sweet and good-looking... The only problem is she's a terrible student. After failing another test, she visits her homeroom teacher for some tutoring, but he's acting... differently than usual. That's when he grabs her by the wrist and kisses her, slowly yet confidently working his way down. "He's nothing like I thought he was! He's a jerk! And a creep!" But, ever since that day, he's been tutoring Saori after school, and even helps take care of her in the school nurse's office. "He's usually so self-centered... so why...? Why can't I stop thinking about him!?"


I Never Agreed to This! [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Handyman Maki has taken in a guy called Naru who helps with work in return for a roof over his head. The pair are roommates, work partners, and friends with benefits! Naru may complain a lot, but he'll do whatever Maki says because he's deeply in love with him. He can't seem to accept that they only have a physical relationship, and finds his heart racing whenever Maki touches him. One day, Naru meets a client who happens to be someone from Maki's past... Can these two really stay purely physical considering how they feel about each other? This is a chaotic comedy involving work and romance between a stoic, fearless dom and his devoted but volatile pet!!


This Sweet Thirst Is His Fault -The Movie Director and The Innocent Girl- [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic

Chizuru is completely invested in taking care of the house she inherited from her late grandmother. She fell in love once, back in her college days, and she still pines to this day. His name's Hagiwara. He was Chizuru's senior in college. They met at the film studies club and she hasn't forgotten him since. She was certain they'd never meet again, but one day, her first love faints right in front of her doorstep. On top of that, Hagiwara's totally broke and he ends up asking to move in with Chizuru, who lives alone...

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