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SuPeRoTaKu Rating
I've read this manga in its entirety over the span of two days, and when accounted for that I attend college for oceanography, that's saying a lot. SHU-CREAM POP has always been my absolutely, unrivaled publisher on Renta!, and will continue to be. Both characters are unique and quirky, the relationship is paced, perhaps a bit fast, but you are never left in the dust- and they're adults, not middle schoolers! It shouldn't take them 100 pages to realize their love (and lust) for each other, right? At any rate, the spicy scenes were peppered with sweet words and important confessions; it was meaningful, and I loved it. The side characters are comedic, as are the main, and the entire manga is worth a read. Promises,, you won't be disappointed!
vinlena Rating
Hey you. Yeah, you. Hi! You're reading reviews of this manga, so you're obviously already interested, right? Let me give you a little advice: Just buy it. Buy all of it. You won't regret it. This is probably my favorite manga I've read on Renta so far. It's *SO* sweet, really funny, and incredibly genuine. The age gap is GREAT (and handled really well), and the progression of Naohito and Tohru's relationship is believable and SO well-paced. Just... please just buy this manga. Imho it counts as self-care, it's THAT good. Treat yo' self!!
kiki Rating
I loved this so much! The characters and relationship are well-developed and the story is paced really well. Definitely worth buying and I highly reccomend it!
funbrillo Rating
I am finding anything by Niyama is just amazing. Tohru really is a puppy dog with those cute faces he makes. I loved this couple and it was nice being introduced to Seiji who has his story in My Dearest Cop. No drama just a funny and cute story. Also, you get to see them here and there in My Dearest Cop series and they are adorable together.
rabesXO Rating
This is a really lovely series about an older cat-like uke and a younger dog-like seme. The mangaka does a terrific job of incorporating the typical traits into her characters and allowing the differences to work between them to create great chemistry. The art style is great, detailed and dynamic and there's a lot of sweet romance mixed in with just the right amount of comedy. Very highly recommended for all yaoi readers! I hope the mangaka keeps producing great work just like this one.
Rosasusannah Rating
This is a 10/10 if you're looking for a light hearted read. Great characters, simple but heart warming story, and appealing art style. Despite the good amount of fluff, the setting even had some depth to it in dealing with themes such as insecurity, showing vulnerability, and being who you truly are. I love it.
morteamoureuse Rating
This was actually cuter than the title suggests. I went in expecting pure smut, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a feel good story, and it focuses more on the obstacles the main character imposes on himself rather than on the age gap itself; the lovers actually feel like equals.
AinoKusabi Rating
The story is sweet, the art is gorgeous, and the main characters are endearing. The mangaka put a slightly different slant on the plot by making both characters total strangers and straight, which is nice for a change instead of the usual cliche story lines: "we've been friends since high school" or "even though we're best friends I've always loved you". The men meet at a singles' party then meet again on several occasions, end up living together due to circumstances, and thanks to their cohabitation gradually get to know one another and, eventually, fall in love. I've never read anything from this mangaka before, but I'm glad I picked An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat, it's a great read.
biggestrebel Rating
Heart warming and adorable!!!
thewritinggirl Rating
Very enjoyable, I bought this because I liked My Dearest Cop by the same author and these two feature in that story too so I thought why not. In my opinion it wasn't as good as My Dearest Cop but it was still enjoyable, mainly fluff and relationship development, not much smut.