User Reviews For: How Can I Find Love When I've Still Got My V-Card!? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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radish Rating
Super!!! Cute!!! Love stories that give both viewpoints rather than just the top/bottom's. Honestly wish it was longer and that they explained more about Hayato's brother etc. and Urabe because it was just resolved?? So quick?? (Read to understand, bc I don't wanna spoil;;) but overall, was still super cute and a good read!! I love this couple type!!!! Especially megane virgin top Kazunari dhdksbsldn;;;;; Was worth it to me, please read! Art is gorgeous!!!
saynerd Rating
Cute story, pretty art, some steamy scenes... Definitely as cliche as the description suggests, but the characters were very likable and the flow of the story felt natural. There was the smallest hint of drama to simply further the plot but not overtake it, since the point is to focus on the developing relationship. If you are on the fence about spending the points for the permanent rent, I say go ahead and take the chance! I am happy to have this in my archive now. It was a fun read!
biggestrebel Rating
This story was really cute! I'm just parroting what others have said, including my main complaint. The stuff with the brothers was sudden and didnt really feel resolved? Is he cut off from his brother forever? Does Urabes older bro not get a happy ending? Idk, it made me sad but the rest of the story was cute! I liked how they went from friends to lovers, that's always cute!!!!
TheBetterStory Rating
Lots of good stuff in here! Two characters who clearly identify as gay, a fun, bantering dynamic between the leads, and some pretty darn hot sex scenes. The sexual elements are also refreshingly blunt without being crass. For instance, one of the main characters is shamelessly into plus-size people, but while his openness about it is treated as something funny, his actual attraction to them never is. It was really nice to see. Sometimes it felt like the translators were a bit too gung-ho with all the sayings and slang (which I'm pretty sure I've complained about on Renta before), but the story was still lively and easy to follow. My biggest complaint is that ending felt like it came a bit too soon
kleepart Rating
Yamada Papiko is amazing. This manga is amazing. There's just the right amount of drama, the emotions are so well drawn, and it is a great story. Definitely a must read!!!
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