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Scorpio730 Rating
This had me chuckling the whole time. Nice artwork, though wish it had shown more. If you enjoy humor on the raunchy side, this won't disappoint you!
StephieJay Rating
So I was in live with this story. It was so cute, funny, and had enough story to keep me interested. I just don't know what happend to the end! It was so abrupt! The bit of emotional build up waas lost in the final volume. Which made me super sad and lead me to my 3 star rating. It's a good series, cute characters, but a very underwhelming final volume.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yuu is quite the handful. But he's like a lovable scamp. And Joji is too nice for his own good. They are such opposites that it makes for an interesting dynamic. Yuu has been doing unsavory things for so long that he's immune to all the bad things in life and has a certain zest for life despite it. And Joji is pretty straight laced for being a gangster. These differences definitely add some humor to this OTT story.
fionav3 Rating
This was a really enjoyable manga, although Yuu's history was absolutely heartbreaking and I felt it was glossed over a little too much. I didn't see their pasts intersecting in such a horrible way, but it made sense given how the manga played out. The final volume was far too rushed and didn't make complete sense, but other than that, this was a really cute manga (despite the dark pasts). Nice art too.
MioAkiyama Rating
the entire premise of the story was great, I was waiting for a big bang ending but it was lead to a subtle one. still a really good read and it's really a fool and a silly gangster falling in love with each other
cabooseTVD Rating
Supremely cute story! Yuu seems to be DEEPLY repressing his trauma, but everyone copes differently. A good and fairly lighthearted love story, despite the potential for major angst.
poppidim Rating
Sexy, silly and yet surprisingly wholesome. I love this mangaka's art!
LEi573 Rating
This was good, I am really surprised that he didn't chose to become the heir. And,I really love the personality that he had. He was human to say the least.
funbrillo Rating
This was really cute and sweet. There was a tragic back story for Yuu and I think they handled it nicely. Overall it wasa nice light, funny read. I do like their love story. Definitely worth a re-read. For those who like smut, I think there were sex scenes in about every chapter too.
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