User Reviews For: My Neighbor Mitsuru -There's A Hot Young Guy Living in My Building...- [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Nirewal Rating
Really great story, beautiful art. But dicks are censored. I really wish Renta wold put a censored tag.
kleepart Rating
This was truly a delight. The story was sweet, characters fun, and not too angsty. The roles were opposite of what you'd expect from a 'typical' yaoi, and it was great. Not to mention Mitsuru is a true beauty.
AinoKusabi Rating
Even though My Neighbour Mitsuru is cliche with the "childhood friends reunite" routine, it is also a fluffy, sweet read. Seriously, there's so much fluff and happiness, you can't help but smile. The art is very pretty, and the chibis are fun! I'd love to read more of this artist's work!
LetMeIn Rating
I LOVE THIS. The base of the story seems to be quite cliche (childhood friends meet again and turn lovers) BUT IN NO WAY IS THIS A CLICHE STORY!! I love it, it's sweet and a fluffy story and it has surprisingly many new aspects that I've not seen before. Expecially the top, never seen a character like him before and that's saying a lot. And this is sooooo hot too!! And having a bigger bottom is just the cherry on the top. And no homophobia! Having a same sex partner is normalized as it should, only the bottom felt at times a bit worried but everyone else was super supportive. I've been healed.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!!! All the stars y'all. It's fluffy and hawt!!!! It's a very cute childhood friends reunited years later. They had a bit of a rough patch in their youth and now that they're both adults Mistu isn't gonna hold back!!! He's gonna claim the only boy he's ever had feelings for, Taku. It's so so so cute and sweet and funny!!! Arts gorgeous. Characters are so likable. It's a feel good story. Love it!!!!!
msscotchnut Rating
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!! Definitely one of my new all time favorites, these two are so sweet. This is a story about two men who are in love with each other and is definitely character driven rather than plot driven (which personally I prefer). They are very sweet on each other and super in love with pretty much no angst at all (which I also prefer). I could read about these two all day :) not to mention the art is gorgeous!! I love the dynamic between the two of them and that homosexuality is actually mentioned rather than it just being the trope of “omg I'm straight but I just love youuuu!!” (which I hate so I was glad to see they didn't go that route in this). Overall 100/100 I loved this! If there's ever a sequel or something I would be thrilled but until then I can re-read this :)
CadetJune Rating
Very mature and deals pretty well with the importance of acceptance
Grace Rating
I really enjoyed this story and of course the art work was also gorgeous. I loved how all the characters were just good heartwarming and caring people. I will definitely be rereading this story. Loved it!!
HoneyLavenderTea Rating
The art is fantastic and the plot manages to sidestep most of the problematic yaoi cliches. The whole story is so sweet. I love how Mitsuru is so beautiful and feminine but still always looks like a guy.
Sheepherder79 Rating
Great story! Loved the buildup and pace. The characters are lovable and realistic. The development of the relationship is believable with the right amount of drama (not overbearing) and humor thrown in. I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy slice of life romance, comedy and only a little drama.
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