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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm totally into the May/December trope. I like this crotchety old man attitude opposite this naive youthful personality. She's a bit unrealistic and has a lot of gumption. He's been through the ringer and no longer sees things through rose colored lenses. It's a bit funny, mainly through his POV. Can't wait to see how she starts to make him feel alive again lol!!!
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Aaaaaahhhh! My weakness ...... when it comes to manga Age-Gap/Older guys, T.T I cannot resist but to bought/purchase it right away even without reading em.' Haha! Just by taking a peek, i can say this manga is really good. The Art is soooo Fantastic! it's like a next level type for me :) Aaaaaaand the story seems interesting...grrrrrrr looks erotic Mygaaasssh! Thank you erenta sama for sharing such a wonderful manga like this T.T ive been wanting to read more older guy manga.. I cannot wait for more chapters. Thank you so so much! This made my day complete.. Stay safe guys
canbee Rating
My unsung bias. I love age gap relationships so my opinion may be a bit bias, but I love this manga. I'm reading it faster than it's available and it's killing me. The heroine is super sweet and thoughtful which contrasts with the older protagonist. He's the stereotyped heartbroken ex that affected the outcome of his writing, but the heroine steps in like a breath of fresh air. I love the progression speed and although there are similar plots, this one really is worth the read!
rentareader888 Rating
Wow the art is breath taking and I am HOOKED on the storyline and characters. I really can't wait for more chapters to come out!!! This is one that I'm looking forward to the most out of the dozens of ones I bought
Astrallove96 Rating
A well written story with characters that have depth. Love the build up of emotions and gradual escalation of physical intimacy (compared to other stories, it still happened rather suddenly haha) hoping for some really aly sensual sex scenes
ebookrenta0cksy5oe1 Rating
I'm not too keen on writing reviews in stories here but I'll have to commend this one. The raw, connection the characters have is somehow to authentic and innocent that I just know this'll be a great story. Two chapters in and I'm already hopeful. Super worth it!
PassionDevourer Rating
I was pleasantly surprised by the first chapter. Usually in stories like this, the initial "act" involves non-consensual themes, but the girl here is entirely willing and makes the decision to escalate their relationship of her own accord. The relationship is sweet, and I'm looking forward to learning more of hers and the ex-wife's backstory in the coming chapters. I'm curious to know if the ex ever realizes the mistake she made when she pretended she knew him and whether our girl will eventually find herself understanding the ex's side of the story.
Mangareader Rating
I love this series thusfar because the characters have emotional depth and the female main character is fairly strong and makes decisions that affect her vs being thrown into the 18+ portion of the story. Plot points move forward with logic and doesn't dance around emotions without a proper conversation like so many stories like this. Art is also proper beautiful and relatable. I can't wait for the next chapter!
chouchou Rating
this is incredibly sweet. the design for the heroine feels unique and inspired - pure, sweet, youthful, and beautifully hopeful. you can't help but wonder what happened to leading male to make him so jaded and out of touch with his muse. this story is light, whimsical, and a touch sad and sexy. it all blends together quite well to make a unique story. I'm not usually into stories where there's a considerable age gap, but this storyline is sweet and compelling.
Sacchan24 Rating
interesting! I look forward to next!
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