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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I really liked this collection of short stories. There were three different couples, two had three parts and one was a one shot. I loved the art. I liked the character development. The smexy scenes were pretty good too.
heyobromo Rating
I was at a loss for words when I finished this comic. I bought it on a whim since it reminded me of Hana and the Beast, but I'm very glad I took that whim. I cannot stress this enough: Heartfelt Realism. It's a collection of short stories, but they all tackle some serious issues in their own way. The first one, the one with the "Wolfling", is about a couple overcoming the language barrier. The second story touches on the struggles of homosexuality. There's a third, very short, story about hoarding. Believe me when I say, this anthology is beautiful. The stories, along with the smut, make for an incredible reading experience. The sex scenes are dynamic and full of feeling. You really can't help but put yourself in the characters shoes; they're that expressive. Also, if you're not into anthros, might I add that the other stories are human on human, and they are just as well drawn and written. Take the chance on this one, you won't regret it!
idgal Rating
I really like the mangaka art, it's a sketchy style but still detailed. Highly recommend this for smut lovers, it's very graphic in explicit scenes but has a nice balance in sweet stories.There's two main stories in the book, one featuring a wolf man and a human ( also interesting is there's no real dialogue from the wolf man ) and another about best friends becoming more, which has been done before a lot but there's a nice take on the usual gay + straight relationship that's more realistic than usual.
JenRT Rating
I don't usually read beast-people stories but I love this author so I gave it a try. Now I think every guy should have fluffy balls that look like a bunny tail. The main story is good, but I really love the “Straight Man” chapters. Hiro and Tatsuya are a great couple. Their relationship seems real. They joke around like best friends do but also develop a real understanding of each other, and their sex scenes are passionate. This was worth the purchase just for them.
Nopeachesforme Rating
Not bad, over all hot, but only the one pairing (which the first three chapters and the epilogue are dedicated to) involves a beastman. There's a short story involving a plant man, but that's about it. Half the book is normal humans, which is disappointing.Like, it's hot, but not what I thought I was buying.
EmTheHooligan Rating
*nosebleeds* I-I l-love it!!!When I first saw the cover I thought of Renta's shojo “Hana and the Beastman”, which is pretty good. But this yaoi manga, oh my gosh. I was intrigued by the description, and within pages of reading I was hooked. There are 3 stories in this anthology. The first, about the wolfling, is romantic and sooo pervy, and I found the couple very sweet. I wanted even more! The short story was super pervy and kinda random but I thought it was interesting, maybe a little creepy (not surprised though) haha. The third was so sweet I wanted to cry, I really appreciated the relationship in that one. All the stories are steamy, but interesting and I loved every page. Definitely worth the read, it's now in my favorites shelf.
London18 Rating
It would have been 5 stars if the entire book was just about the first couple. I don't know why but I love human-werewolf couples.
mizore Rating
I REALLY LOVE ALL THESE STORIES!The woo and ao story was so sweet. And the one “don't call me straight” made me cried a bit ???Very recommended!
Viscerall Rating
The gorgeous art only adds to the wonderful storytelling of this manga. Even the more fantastical stories have enough realism to really make you connect with the characters in such a short amount of time, and there's great sex scenes too! Cannot recommend enough and I'm glad I decided to buy this one!
fandomnightmare Rating
IF YOU'RE NOT INTO FURRY STUFF, BUY THIS ANYWAY FOR THE THIRD COUPLE! They are both human, and their story is hands-down some of the hottest stuff I've ever read. The wolf and his boyfriend are cute, the ransom story about the houseplant was cool, but that third couple... Dear gods. Their story is heartfelt, LGBT-centric, the action is accurate. Both characters are endearing and Matsumoto Noda is an absolute god at smut. Seriously, get this. Skip the wolf and the plant if you need to, but it's well worth the price alone just for the last three chapters!
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