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mckd1 Rating
The uke's expressions are cute and the comic is simple but fun. I'm submitting this review to offset the poor review by that incubus nerd who took the theme of this comic way to seriously. Lighten up, my dude.
Mopops Rating
If you love Incubus-themed stories, you'll love this one. I really appreciate the take of the author on the Incubus. The story is light, more on the comedic side than on the dramatic side. Nice art, great scenes, entertaining story. It's not perfect, but somehow I just love it and I simply can't wait for more chapters, thus I give it 5 stars! SERIOUSLY THOUGH I WANT MORE !!!
cheesyB Rating
I found this really cute and fun to read. The artwork was really beautiful, and I commend the artist and author for making such a easy-to-follow, yet unique, plot. Its fun to see that the two leads don't fall in love right off the bat, and that its taking time to build trust. The uke is really cute but not overbearingly so, and you can tell he is level-headed and nice. The seme, on the other hand, is really HAWTT, and can cook (which is enough to get on my good grace). He obviously cares for the uke, since he goes beyond his way to cook and deal with house care stuff. So far, their relationship may be mostly physical, and not that romantic, but you can tell its building. If you're into really awesome artwork, cute uke, a slowly-progressing relationship, and a great plot with some mystery and fantasy... this is the manga for you.
WindyWing15 Rating
I opted for a rating of 2 with this being a tad less than decent for my taste and knowledge on incubus and succubus lore. It's obvious that the author plans to add comedic relief here and that's fine, but if I have to critique anything, it's how the actions and effects of the incubus were executed. From what I read and saw in this manga, how he acted and how the human reacted is no different from your average human x human relationship. But the stranger is an INCUBUS. And incubi are mythical beings notorious for their skills in seducing and pleasuring humans until they are helpless. I understand if presenting that too much in the first chapter would cause the plot or story to pass too quickly, but to some extent, I think the incubus character's traits of being an incubus needs to be emphasized. One can't simply push away the kiss of an incubus. Just saying. It's similar to saying one can't simply shake off the melody of a siren. Naturally the artist has artistic license to create characters as they please, but if you're going to create an incubus character, make it believable. I was interested in checking this manga out because incubi and succubi fascinate me, but after reading this, it seems clear that not enough research on these beings have been done. I'd continue reading if the character roles are made more believable, but if it keeps going the way it is now, I'll have to stop here. I rated 2 for this being a little less than a decent read based on character execution. I can't rate it a 1 since it's not downright horrible, but at the end of reading chapter 1 (which is the only chapter available so far), it leaves me feeling "ehh".
Satomiss Rating
So far it's good and interesting! The art is gorgeous. Although gotta admit that the uke accept things too easily lol. But hey the smut is good, and the storyline is interesting.
Daekin Rating
I thoroughly enjoyed this. The art is great, the story is fun, the characters are amazing, and it's more wholesome than I expected. Definitely worth buying, a d will definitely read over and over.
donkeykongcountry Rating
Super cute and sweet so far! Vague dub-con but nothing too horrible.
Mnky3 Rating
Very good exactly what you want in a sweet incubus yaoi mmmm
LMonster2 Rating
Overall this was a great series. It was cute, funny, and how can you go wrong with an incubus and human falling in love. It won't disappoint.
funbrillo Rating
Okay. This was super cute. Some of the spirit things that the uke was seeing were a bit scary looking but nice mix of a little bit scary with a cute fluffy love story. I would love for a love story for the uke's friend and also the other demon. Doesn't have to be between them but I loved the characters. Also, there is a guy that shows up momentarily walking down the street with something super creepy. I would love for him to get a happy ending too. That thing hanging over him was really creepy.
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