User Reviews For: My Boyfriend's a Love-Zombie -The Pleasure Won't Stop!-


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momojinxie Rating
Amazing plot, and art I can't wait to see where it goes
chouchou Rating
interesting supernatural plot, initially told by the male lead's perspective. sexy yet poignant. definitely keeping an eye out for this one!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!! What an incredibly sweet love story!! I love Neco's work! Huge fan of her other manga on this site. Her artwork is bananas-so cute and pretty and cool. This storyline is really original and a lot of fun. It's so sad that he had no clue who he was until he sees Yuri again- what a great plot twist!! Glad that even in their separation they were both faithful, well mostly. Such a great story and I need more chapters!!!
Vivichi Rating
Interesting and unique story with beautiful artwork. Definitely a must for every smut lover too, I'm already in love with this manga!
bunniefufu Rating
Plot is what gets my attention next to the art. It has it's quirky cute jokes and it is very intresting. This is a MUST-READ for sure.
ParanormalActivity3 Rating
Great sex scenes but the heroine is too much of a doormat for my liking. It's why my review is 3 stars. It's interesting premise though b/c the male lead is a zombie but I can't like the girl.
S8362365 Rating
Very romantic! I loved this series! I do wish to know what will happen to soichiro.
theakaneko Rating
I really enjoyed this - true love coming through and very hot. It was an engrossing story throughout, so though lots of loose ends and questions, only dinged one starBiggest complaints were that the zombie friend kinda disappeared, there was no explanation for how the male character was breaking zombie rules, the ending was kinda flat... plus, main girl was super loyal to dead bf and then is ok with "amnesia" dude cuz reminds her of him? Mmmokthen
cfang Rating
While the artwork and sex scenes are great, this story really wrenched my heart. It's both sweet and sad. Good ending though.
sadako Rating
nice story but I hoped the story end better though
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