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TheBetterStory Rating
The manga is pretty casual about the fact the characters have been fooling around since elementary school. If that bugs you, you should pass. Otherwise, this is another outrageously fun manga from Tsurusawa, with unique characters and great sex scenes. I normally hate stories that focus on fetishes; they tend to have a formula where the person with the fetish is pushy and the other is uncomfortable. But Leo's fetish is just one aspect of their relationship, which is built on how comfortable and generally compatible they are with each other. Leo's possessive, but unlike most yaoi where that would be an excuse for him to isolate/"punish" Shion, he actually encourages him to be more expressive and make friends. Jealousy comes up and is dealt with way more healthily than your average yaoi. (Shion's also more of a power-bottom than he lets on.) Recommended if you want BL where the leads are happily, shamelessly head over heels for each other, without foregoing the wonderful smut.
GrimLuciel Rating
Honestly not my thing. I appreciate the pretty art but I cant get over the kink featured in this one. Constantly throughout the book they talk about fooling around in ELEMENTARY school and comparing the bottom to his body in elementary school as if it was better even though they are in college. It gave me the creeps and honestly I just got fed up and barely read the last half. The top is overly possessive and tortures the bottom to participate in his kink that the bottom has to suffer for. Overall, not worth $8! I honestly wish I could get my money back.
Rosemarie77 Rating
So this was NOT what I was expecting. I thought I'd be grossed out because some people said that the seme likes little kid private parts but he doesn't. He just like urks soft privates. Not once does this manga reference anything Shota related because they were the same age. And everything is consensual. The smut is A1 and the character development is great. It's a must read if you're into obsessive couples and
sdab Rating
The blurb didn't really appeal to me, but I've enjoyed both other stories Renta! has from Tsutako Tsurusawa, so I gave it a go and I'm glad I did. Regardless of this being about childhood friends, a trope I'm not crazy for, I really enjoyed this.
Thenameislynn Rating
Of all of sensei's series, this is my upmost favourite! Very moe. Lol! I love the couple. Super cute, hilarious and with sensei's usual kind of humor.Undeniably, sensei's style and genre may not be everyone's thing. But I love the humor element in this one. And I love Leo's (MC) parents positive energy.
fionav3 Rating
The art in this is really beautiful, but other than that this manga is less than mediocre. The characters are bland, the kink is a bit too specific (and a little weird) to be to most readers tastes, and the manga itself isn't very well written. Sorry but I wouldn't reccomend this.
Jiana Rating
I love it!!!
MioAkiyama Rating
I would classify this as one hot ass kinky of a relationship. MC Leo has a weird fetish and only can be satisfied by Shion. They got to know each other in elementary school and have been kind of sex with benefits kind of a relationship up till university. It's a really fun and sexy read. I highly recommend!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I really wasn't into this. It bothered me for a few reasons. 1. The seme has a fetish for soft penises and doesn't want the uke to get hard. I don't know how much the uke can enjoy sex in that state. Seems unfair. 2. The seme is also possessive and jealous despite not wanting to be in a relationship with the uke. 3. He uses the uke for his own fetish, only likes that one body part, doesn't care about the uke's pleasure or sees him as a person. He just came off like a huge jerk I didn't warm up to. I wasn't a fan of the uke and don't know why he put up with being treated like that. I thought the art was great and cute so gave this an extra star.
hushsee Rating
Man truly all of Tsutako Tsurusawa's works are such masterpieces and this one was no exception. I love her couples so much. Also yay for taller bottoms~ the fetish is something I never thought someone would write about, but when it's Tsutako Tsurusawa, it just works. I love love this manga and this couple, they are just so cute. Also ofc sensei's smut is A++++++ gorgeous
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