User Reviews For: That Unexpected Side to my Childhood Friend -Watch Out for the Animal in Him!-


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Cherry Rating
Really the best thing about this comic is the art and expressions.But I was really disappointed with the guy. I understand that some people like noncon/dubcon, but with everybody using words like "cute" to describe this manga, I wasn't expecting things like that. The character is clingy, forceful, and threatens any guy that talks to the main girl character. I can get behind the dominant boyfriend archetype, but his "moves" make her cry. Any time she talks to a guy, he gets dragged to a bathroom or whatever to get punched or menacingly threatened. Maybe I just don't personally understand the tropes and their appeal, but I think there is a way to portray an attractive, aggressive male character without completely taking away a girl's agency to speak to whomever she wants. Again, I know people like this stuff, but I think the comic should advertise itself less like a cute love manga for teens, or at least not make light of scarily clingy people.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm a fool for friends-to-lovers, every single time!! This first chapter leaves off on a BIG cliffhanger. But regardless I already really like it. Hana and Takeru have like reversed gender roles, which I also really like. Arts good. Pacing is super fast since we have a good understanding on their relationship. But Takeru better not be trying to change Hana!! Can't wait to see this
Nyanko Rating
I'm going to go against the grain here, but the early parts of this story do have clear non/dubcon scenes coupled with the deception of the male lead. Certainly, there are worse stories out there but lies and dubcon coupled with the overall slapstick shojo comedy tones is weird. Is the male lead just a liar to save the female lead's brittle ego? Pretty sure what's making her feel insecure and freaked out is the fact that he won't be honest about his feelings, yet he gets sexually aggressive without any preamble. All that makes the absolutely top notch artwork feel like a waste. Make no mistake, the characters are all expressive and attractive, with flashbacks showing the leads as some of the cutest kids I've seen in manga.
Aha, I love it. I love childhood love and protector theme. First chapter only so we have yet to see Takeru's animal side but we're getting hints of a pervy beast. Hanako, bless her heart, is gun-ho about protecting her kind, pure, angelic Takeru. Oh dear, Takeru is gonna shock her big time! Love Hanako's embarrassed, shy reactions!
andiekae Rating
There's only one volume and I already love it! The art is so cute and fits the feeling of the story really well. Neither main character is too bland and I definitely can't wait to see where it goes!
Mimi25 Rating
It's so great I cried when I realized there was only one chapter out!!! The delinquent main character is the cutest!
Otometrash Rating
I love the others author's works so I was very excited to see a new series form them! It is a very cute series and I can not wait to see more. I love the fact that the heroine is a delinquent, because there is not a whole lot of diversity in the types of female characters sometimes, so it is very refreshing to see that. The male character is adorable, but based on what was hinted in the first chapter and the title there is definitely more to him. Overall a great first chapter that I recommend to others!
BMorgan Rating
I like the h, she's bad. Can't wait for the next chapter
Ricelily Rating
Another promising title! The art is beautiful and expressive; the characters are adorable too. I have a soft spot for angelic boys with a nasty side.
Spongenome Rating
This such a cute manga (doesn't mind the spicy stuff) it's been so long since the last update is it still going? or has the creator dropped it?
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