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Star-Crossed Paintbrushes [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

Shogo became interested in painting at an early age thanks to his father, who owns an art gallery. Born into a family of artists, his older brother is a prodigy, and Shogo is often referred to as the "prodigy's younger brother." As a result, his love for painting begins to fade. Thinking a change of scenery would be for the best, Shogo's brother contacts a friend living on a small island and arranges for Shogo to move. There, he meets Ryosei, a boy with "hands blessed by god." Shocked by the overwhelming talent gap between them, Shogo makes a move, and Ryosei... This is a complicated yet pure romance brought to life by a paintbrush under the stars.
Includes two digital-only pages.


I Want to Lick That Sweet Body Up [ Total vol 22 ] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorRin Iijima

"I've never eaten... a woman this sweet." This guitarist's rough, calloused fingers are rubbing inside me, making me wet... Wanting him to hold me gently, I keep on lying to him. A regular at the caf? I work at is the guitarist of a band I love. I'm so lucky to work so close to the performer I love! However, he's completely convinced that I'm a man... One day I tried putting on a skirt and makeup, but rather than noticing "me", he fell in love with the "dressed-as-a-woman me"!? After continuing the charade and disguising (?) myself as a woman, I ended up becoming his. My feelings of guilt and misery just keep on piling up...


We Are Not Gay! [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

AuthorHachisu uroco

"I know how to fix this." Haruto makes an offer to Misaki, who gets a boner in the bath! Misaki's all embarrassed, so Haruto puts it in his mouth...! Misaki and Haruto, the aces on the track team. Two guys who are so close the other guys tease them about being gay together. But, while he tells them he's not gay, Misaki can't stop thinking about Haruto...... Haruto tells Misaki, who says he's not into guys, that he's thought of a way to prove Misaki isn't gay......


How to Not Get Cheated On ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


I'm Mami,a girl who's always played on by guys.This time I thought I was his favorite girl,but when another girl knocks on the door of the hotel room,I get thrown out into the veranda,practically naked! Although the guy next door,Iwase-san,saves me,he seems to know everything about my situation. Moreover,he takes the opportunity to give me an "ecchi lesson" so that I won't be cheated on again...!


Huh? Butler? More Like My Slave! Comic


"Satiate me." Taking care of his master's sexual needs is also part of a butler's job?! Even though in his heart, he despises it... his crotch is rock hard! What should he do?! His master is both smart, handsome, and a gentleman... he's perfect, and so Aizono looks up to him... but then, one day, Aizono happens to peek into his master's room... and sees his suddenly super-sadistic master dishing out punishment to a senior butler! Without any time to deal with his shock, he's tied up with experienced finesse, and then forced to cum! What's going to happen to him?!


The Second Sales Division!! [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

AuthorKei Kanai

Sakisaka, from the second sales division, is in love with his supervisor, Tojo. Naturally, he has no intention of ever letting him know, but when Tojo starts being clingy to the point of it being too much, it almost makes Sakisaka think that he might have a chance! Where will this slow-going love story go?


A Fool and his Gangster [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


"If you want a sucker that bad, I've got something for you..." Joji looks like a violent gangster, but he's actually a kind and caring person. Yuu, on the other hand, makes a living with his body. Ever since he found Yuu beaten in an alley, Joji can't say no whenever the boy begs for food or money. Joji is worried about Yuu and makes him promise to find honest work. But, despite his promise, Joji finds Yuu trying to pick up customers again. Yuu doesn't value his life no matter how much danger he's in, and Joji finds himself acting impulsively...! With a caring gangster and a boy of questionable virtue, this is a romantic comedy with a touch of danger!


Love at the Front Door Comic Hot

Serina lives with her middle school-aged sister, Saya. To make ends meet, she works in an office during the daytime and in a restaurant at night. Her busy-yet-fulfilling life is interrupted when loan sharks show up at her door asking for the money her M.I.A. brother borrowed. Not knowing what to do, Serina ends up at an interview for an escort service. She's shocked when the manager turns out to be Tasuku, a kind regular from her restaurant...


Sexy Gentleman's Superb Techniques -I'll Teach You How to be Sexy- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

Rika likes to drink. She goes to this bar to find a "man with a wrist watch" who once comforted her when she got drunk. But the only man who talks to her at the bar is Masa, who's an unshaven older man... One night, Rika finds herself in a strange place after she passed out, and sees the man she was looking for kissing her and caressing her body... But when she wakes up, the man next to her was not whom she expected!


Bon Appetit, My Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

Chef Hiroto finds 19-year-old Haru on the streets and brings him back to live at the apartment complex he manages. After capturing Haru's heart through filling his belly, he's stunned when he receives a sudden kiss... This is a story about love blossoming between two couples who live in the same communal space.


I Can Feel Your Hand Comic

"You piss me off." After school one day, a high schooler named Tsukiori gets cornered by several other boys in the PE storeroom. Someone saves him right at the last second, but since he was blindfolded, he couldn't see who it was. But his savior's hand felt similar to Misora's, who's always there for him... Then, Misora sees the scars on Tsukiori's body from when he was attacked by Ogata!


The Desert King Throne Of Judar III Comic Hot


Princess Aliyah arrives to her wedding in a black wedding dress. This is a declaration of war to her husband, King Kamal. Seven years ago, the two were in a relationship, but he messed around with her and then left her. Now, the two of them end up in an arranged marriage, and she is being forced to give him an heir. Aliyah treats him coldly during the ceremony and that resistence awakens something within him. As the drums pronounce them husband and wife, Kamal takes Aliyah into the depths of the palace into his bedroom. Unable to hold himself back anymore, he rips off her black dress...



This Sexy Young Beast is Too Good at Taking Off My Clothe ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

Kyoko is a 28-year-old single woman. The night she gets her heart broken, she sleeps with a good-looking bartender after getting drunk. The next day, he shows up at her work, telling Kyoko, "It was a first time for me to come so many times." However, there seems to be another reason that he approaches her. What is his true identity...?


Negative [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


The three of us were always together... Until the day we graduated, when I turned down his affections. But it turns out, behind my back they were... "Sea of Regret" and "Beneath the Surface" feature a love triangle between childhood friends that opens old wounds. Next is "Piercings," a story that begins with the allure of gleaming metal... Then there's the new-age style "Restart," and the yaoi story from a female perspective, "We Are the Third Wheel." This is a collection of "negative"-themed short stories showcasing some of Harada's best work! This manga contains the following works: "Sea of Regret" "Beneath the Surface" "Holes" "Restart" "Restart/Miki" "We Are the Third Wheel"
The limited-edition bonus page is the cover slip that was only available from exclusive distributors. (Note: The bonus page is the same for both "Negative" and "Positive")


Gelateria Supernova [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Includes bonus pages exclusive to Renta!
Tomoaki randomly meets a guy through an online dating site, and they only know each other by their bland usernames. Their relationship consists of meeting at Supernova, the neighborhood gelato shop, and walking to Tomoaki's place to have sex. ...At least, it was supposed to. Tomoaki soon realizes his changing feelings and is worried he's the only one being drawn in deeper and deeper... Is he unable to resist these new emotions...? A sweet yet bitter tug-of-war between hearts revolves around this gelato shop.


Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress Comic


Lucy is secretary to Aristoteles,the CEO of a worldwide trading company. A playboy whose relationships with women never last long,he always ends them with an expensive gift before breaking up. He even has Lucy arrange this as part of her job. However,one rainy day,he sees Lucy changing her clothes,and their relationship begins to change. "You were hiding such charm beneath your plain clothes," he whispers sweetly in her ear,pushing her onto a desk and kissing her passionately. And now,the two of them are to leave together on a business trip to Athens...?



Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon Comic


I can't believe you showed up just when I finally resolved to forget you! Three years ago, Angolos Constantine, you cruelly accused me of getting pregnant by another man. Even though I was surrounded by slander and abuse for not being of your social class, you are the only man I ever loved. This time, as luck would have it, our son, Nicky, ran up to you. You froze when you saw that he is the spitting image of you. Yes, this child is unmistakably your son. Why didn't you believe me back then? And what is your purpose for coming to see me now?



From Playboy to Papa! The Medici Men I Comic


Nicole's younger twin sister was a beautiful, bright woman who was loved by all. But she died leaving a son by a shipping tycoon, Rafe Medici. Three years have passed since then, and now an unbelievably gorgeous man, who shakes with anger, stands before Nicole. This is the first time she's met a man of the Medici family. After finding out about his child, who her younger sister secretly gave birth to, he comes to collect him. The rumors of him were true and he arrogantly tells her to quit her job in order to raise his child in Miami as a part of his family...



Welcome to the Dreamland Cafe! [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

AuthorNao Fujiya

Haruka is a no-nonsense girl who lives only for her studies. One night she falls asleep while studying, and finds herself from a mysterious coffee shop between dimensions. The cafe serves not only mythical creatures but also people who've gotten lost between planes of existence, and it's ran by a super-handsome but mysterious barista. Now Haruka has to learn the meaning of love in order to return home.


The Uncharted Kingdom of Oraie [Plus Bonus Page, Digital-Only Bonus and Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Filled with wanderlust, Shin parachutes into the completely isolated and uncharted kingdom of Oraie. In this mysterious land, Shin meets the noble child king, Master Mustia, and his retainer, the beautiful, graceful, and cool None.
Shin sees None repeatedly kiss Master Mustia as a form of "medical treatment" to save him from a fatal lung disease known only to Oraie. But, what will Shin do when faced with the overwhelming force of None's repressed passion? Will there ever come a day when master and servant can share a romantic kiss to express their maddening love for each other? Drawn with the full might of Nikke Taino, this is the story of a beautiful predestined romance in a tiny imaginary country.

Includes four digital-only pages.

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