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You Turn Me On Non-Stop -My Appetite for My Wife Is Incredible (Current ch. 13) NEW Comic Popular


Manaka ends up marrying her childhood crush, Koh, who is cool and handsome.
But the only reason they got married is because their parents made a promise, as a joke, to marry them and the two of them went along with it. The main problem is, Koh's feelings remain a mystery.

Koh is nice, but whenever Manaka gets close to him, he avoids her and won't even kiss her even though they're married...
But, suddenly she wakes up and he is on top of her! (She's too cute... He can't stop himself...)
Koh's love for her explodes and he can't stop touching her. Koh's has very strong urges and a hidden fetish!? A cherry boy totally in love, will he be able to save his pride...!?


My Foster Brother Feeds from My Body [Total ch. 7] (Current ch. 6) Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

Maho can't believe what's happening to her. Her brother's fingers are sweetly stimulating her... Maho, Kaito, and Yamato have grown up together as siblings. The illusion of a happy family crumbles when Yamato tells Maho the "big secret" about both him and Kaito. Furthermore, Kaito also has own secret he's been hiding from Maho. Maho is shocked, but she is determined to stick with them... Kaito can't hide his desperate and longing feelings anymore as his hot breath and tongue trail her body. The sweet honey that flows from Maho's body... There's no stopping this taboo relationship.


Home, Sweet Home (Current ch. 5) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Yuki Wakura has graduated from high school and is now a college freshman.
As he sets out to live on his own, he unexpectedly bumps into a former classmate on his moving day.
He's stunned to discover that he's moving into an apartment that another young man has also rented. It's Shoma Yuki, a high school friend he had a secret crush on...! Just when Yuki has finally gotten over his old crush and decided to look for someone new...
They both have the name "Yuki", and that has confused the elderly landlords...

This is the story of a chance encounter that turns into home, sweet home for two lovebirds!


A Hole Craving to be Touched [Total ch. 14] Completed Comic


Souta Miyano has a secret. He's weak when it comes to being played with from behind and desires something other than his finger to satisfy his needs. One night out, he gets too drunk and a coworker comes to his aid. It's then that he accidentally exposes his secret. Little did he know, their time in the bathroom stall that night would be just the beginning of more pleasures to come.


I Need More Than Just Romance [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Kosuke and Shuji have been dating for three months now, but they haven't even kissed each other yet. All they do is meet up after work and have dinner accompanied by a boring conversation. They also follow the same quiet routine on the weekends. Since Shuji is sick of this boring relationship, he prepares for their first time together by loosening himself up, and it turns out to be a lot more pleasurable than he expected and he winds up getting hooked on it... This comedic love story full of happiness¢ö and lust¢ö is about these two lovey dovey guys who find their relationship challenged when Shuji's older brother shows up.

30% OFF

I'm the Big Brother Comic Hot

AuthorKei Kanai

Nao has taken care of his two younger twin brothers, Tetsuto and Asuma, for as long as he can remember. Thanks to his care and affection, they've grown up into two fine gentlemen who are now super popular at school. However, they're both totally obsessed with their big brother! The two constantly vie for the innocent and oblivious Nao's attention. Their competition goes into high gear during the school field day. With Nao as the prize, neither Tetsuto nor Asuma can afford to lose! Also included is the short story In the Soup, where the amazing cook Wataru realizes that he may not know as much about food as he thinks he does.


Intimate Enemies Comic


After being severely injured in an accident, Amber overhears that she has only six months to live. She decides she'll enjoy the little time she has left and goes to a luxurious bar. There she meets Wolf and spends the night with him. She leaves the following morning without saying goodbye, knowing this can be nothing more than a cherished memory for her. A few months later, Amber's visiting her friend on holiday when she sees none other than Wolf, whose real name is Dyson!



Hana and the Beast Man [VertiComix] [Total ch. 32] Completed VertiComix

Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!
"How'd you get in here, human?"
A large wall has always stood between humans and the beast people. Hana accidently finds a hole in the wall and sneaks in, only to get lost. She meets Sana, who pins her down using his large frame. Hana trembles as Sana interrogates her with sharp eyes, demanding to know her purpose inside the wall. She can't escape! But, even though she's been captured as an "intruder," Sana ends up sheltering Hana in his home from the other beast people... What's going on?
A sweet, heartwarming love story, though a little on the wild side! Read on to learn the joys of inter-species romance!


Black Sesame Salt and Custard Pudding [Total ch. 20] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic


One morning, HARUHI wakes up to find that she's married to an old man she doesn't know!? Haruhi works as a heavy machinery operator at a construction site full of men.One night, Haruhi meets a middle-aged man with grey hair at a pub, and submits a marriage certificate under the influence of alcohol. She had taken him straight into her room! Don't judge a man by the colour of the hair. Love comedy by a silver fox and a girl physical worker.


The Clumsy Omega (Current ch. 14) Comic Popular


How can this man be so clumsy and shameless!!?
An esteemed alpha is getting toyed with by this middle-aged omega!

Everyone looks up to the super elite alpha, Takamura, but he finds himself troubled by a certain someone.
The person in question is Kazuma Oda, a clumsy middle-aged man who's employed in the company he manages. What's more, he's often dragging him into all kinds of steamy accidents!

He gets pushed to the ground in the halls, and sometimes even shows up with his body drenched in water...
Is he doing it on purpose? When Takamura starts suspecting him, he finds out that Kazuma is actually a hard-working and earnest man.
He's not supposed to be interested in old men, but new and foreign feelings are starting to stir... Wait, no! He can't let that happen!
Just as he was struggling to resist, he happens upon Kazuma when he's going into heat...!


You Just Can't Beat A Guy With A Double Face [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Could the ideal guy be his arch¡½enemy? Kaname Ando (Ando) is a high school student who's always dreamed about being a tough guy, though it's about all he can do to snipe at his goody¡½two¡½shoes classmate, Katagiri. One day, He is sulking on his way home from school when students from another school pick a fight with him. To his delight, a tough guy named Soma suddenly appears on the scene and saves the day. He's overjoyed, telling Soma he'd been looking for a friend like him, when Soma suddenly kisses him...!! Ando is already feeling dizzy when he discovers that Soma and his boring classmate Katagiri are one and the same. A story about a weakling badass and a "straight A" student who turns bad after school. Includes special bonus pages available only on Renta.

30% OFF

Mad Cinderella Comic Hot

Teijin Sakuichi was born in the home of Japan's most prominent plutocrats; Kishi Ryota was born and raised in an ordinary household but lived quite a rough life. They are neighbors and have been friends throughout kindergarten, elementary and middle school. But, in the winter of their third year of middle school, Sakuichi proposed to Ryota before going to study abroad. Several years later, after having no contact with Sakuichi, he suddenly appears out of nowhere...


Servitude to Master Ur -Auctioned in a Distant Land for a Million Dollars (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic


Sakura Tomizuka is beauty therapist from Japan who enjoys traveling in her free time to learn more of the world's beauty. She travels to Dubai, expecting to enjoy the most luxurious beauty treatments ever, only to somehow find herself being auctioned to the highest bidder! Surrounded by the relentless cheers of an underworld auction house, a beautiful masked man buys Sakura at an extravagant price. What awaits her is not horrible slavery, but days of sweet indulgence and adoration...!
Bought by the mysterious, beautiful noble Urjiwan Taawus, Sakura ends up serving him with her skills as a masseuse...


[Sold By Chapter] Girly Boys Get All the Love [Total ch. 5] Completed NEW Comic

After losing his job, Natsuki runs into Midori, a wealthy doctor who wants to pay him to cry. You'd think it's a sweet deal, except because of all the pressure Natsuki puts on himself as an "older brother" and "a man," he can't seem to do it. Then, Midori comes up with a plan... why not dress up like a girl so it's easier to cry?
Their relationship starts with money, but can it turn to something more...? A sweet story about a tear-obsessed doctor and a guy who looks great sobbing in a skirt!
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


My Dearest Cop 3 [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Popular


After a blissful New Year's, our favorite cop couple are more smitten than ever. Shin may be silent on the surface, but underneath, he's simmering with desire! And doesn't Seiji know it!? Seiji loves spoiling his younger lover and pranking him on a daily basis, but his antics always end up backfiring... It's the much-anticipated third season of this wildly popular series about a supremely well-endowed policeman who's ever faithful to his cute, playful older boyfriend!

30% OFF

Secrecy of the Shivering Night Comic Hot

AuthorMuku Ogura

High school student Furuya has an unusual phobia: a fear of bright lights due to a childhood accident. When he discovers that his short and spirited roommate Himi is similarly afraid of the dark, he recognizes a kindred soul and tries to connect with him. But Himi is stubborn and unwilling to open up, and Furuya must find a way to reach his new friend and show him how much he really understands... no matter what it takes. "Secrecy of the Shivering Night" features four romantic short stories by manga artist Muku Ogura set in modern day Japan. No matter whether it's a chance meeting on a park bench or a night in a darkened dorm room... playing hooky or touching the life of a troubled student... these tales will make you believe that love really can come from anywhere.


Sweetheart Trigger 3 [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 5) Comic


The 3rd installment of the hit series!
The blonde goth Cole and the mega hunk Alex have been going steady for three years. Graduating college a year earlier than Alex, Cole takes his first step into the real world.
Cole quits smoking and is determined to find a job, but this new lifestyle gets turned on its head... One little suggestion from Alex makes it painfully obvious how different their values are, and Cole starts retreating back into his shell...
What will become of the unlikely couple as they venture from being lovers to full-fledged partners...?


Setouchi is a Master of Self-Gratification (Current ch. 4) Comic

AuthorAkiru Oba

Setouchi obtains a very strange adult toy. In his search for the best self-gratification experience, he gets Niyama to hold said toy and morphs it into his shape!
However, Setouchi forgets to turn off sync mode, causing Niyama to unwittingly become part of his morning and nightly rituals.
Realizing something's up, Niyama confronts Setouchi and offers him the real deal.
This story is a first-rate raunchy yet innocent romcom about two men connected, quite literally, through a toy!


The beast who eats love NEW Comic


Finally, SATORI learned the secret of HOSHO....SATORI is an 18-year-old college student who works part-time near the university.He secretly thinks about is HOSHO, a senior at the same university.SATORI has become involved with HOSHO for some reason, but every day he is swayed by his arrogance.Still, the feelings for HOSHO are just soliciting.This is the story of a young man who falls in love with a man with secrets, and the pain that comes with loving someone.

30% OFF

Caramel Comic Hot

Adorable Iori is off to Tokyo for university?and he's got to find a place to live! When he quickly sniffs out a sweet (but strange) deal on an apartment with an older roommate, he can't believe his good luck. But will Iori soon discover that life in the city has plenty of other surprises in store?

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