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Bossy Bottoms on Top! [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


One night, a spectacularly ordinary college student, Yoshitaka, comes across a limp humanoid figure slumped in the garbage collection area of his apartment complex. Seeing the curled-up figure's exposed, slender legs, Yoshitaka reaches out to help her, both good and bad intentions on his mind... Only to hear a man's voice respond! His dreams of a glorious night are dashed... or so he thought...! Having already invited him into his home, Yoshitaka has no choice but to take in the man, Kaede, who turns out to be a porn star!! "I've got nada, zip, zilch in my wallet now..." At first, Kaede shows remorse for being unable to repay the favor, but quickly does a complete 180, as his hand starts creeping up Yoshitaka's leg and towards his inner thigh... "So... I'll let you fuck me." A kind-hearted college student versus a super free-spirited porn star! What will become of this virgin now that he's at the mercy of a pro!? With this wonderfully sleazy, bossy bottom around, a lot more than just boundaries are going to be penetrated here.


My Sweet Empty Heart [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

Porn star Haruma is giving relationship advice to his straight "friend," Makito, who works at his other job at a restaurant. One day, Makito finds a porn video that might be starring the girl he's got a crush on...! While Makito is in despair, Haruma encourages him to watch the video together to check if she actually IS Makito's crush. The inexperienced Makito gets hard watching the video even as he struggles with some mixed emotions! A love story that shows the growth of a pure, innocent virginal boy and a gay porn star who he has inadvertently wrapped around his finger!


Bondage Addiction -The Pet Girl's Imprisonment- [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic

AuthorNao Tamaki

I wake up with my hands and feet shackled. Long fingers tease my pussy as I listen to the indecent sounds made by a tongue being thrust deep inside me. "Miss Mio. Just look at how wet you are." It all started when I was reunited with my former servant, Masaomi... With no home and a lot of debts to pay off, Mio is an ex-wealthy daughter who now finds herself living day-to-day while working at a hostess club. Then, out of the blue, she runs into a former servant, Masaomi, after 10 years. He's made it big as an entrepreneur and Mio plans to take advantage of him... but suddenly the tables are turned and she's the one being held captive...! His touch keeps her body cumming over and over, like an addiction... It's a sweet but painful sex prison and Mio cannot escape Masaomi's warped idea of love...


You're an Aphrodisiac [ Total vol 12 ] Completed Comic


"You were looking for me, weren't you?" The latest rumor in Shibuya says there's a guy known as the hunter, who's a master at picking up girls. Every night he finds a new girl to have sex with, and yet nobody knows what he looks like. Every girl he's slept with says he was so good he enchants you, then when you wake up, he's gone and you can't clearly remember his face any more. Hikari goes to Shibuya with her friend to try and find this enigmatic hunter. There, Hikari accidentally sees and man and a woman having sex in an alley. Hikari runs away, but not after catching a glimpse at how into it the woman is. Hikari thinks the man she saw is the hunter, but he looks like another man she knows...


The Sabbides Secret Baby Comic


Part-time hotel receptionist Phoebe and Greek multimillionaire Jed were crazy about each other. He embraced Phoebe and wrapped her in love and happiness. One day Phoebe discovers she's pregnant and joyfully reveals the news to Jed. But his reply is unexpectedly cruel-he says there's no man in the world who would want a pregnant mistress! In shock, Phoebe has a miscarriage and vanishes from Jed's life. But five years later, he suddenly reappears!



Instant Lovers [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


"Hey, does that mean you really love me?" ...Aki and Haruto instantly become a couple ten seconds after they first meet. From these two comes an awkward love story. Aki is a girl whose motto is, "If you love them, tell them right away!" On the other hand, Haruto thinks that there are times when you can't just confess your feelings.What if these two, with their opposing philosophies on love, were to suddenly become a couple one day? Haruto makes a surprise attack and steals another kiss from Aki, after which he invites her to his room... Because of a certain secret of Haruto's, their relationship proceeds in an unusual way, and at an unnaturally fast pace. Can these two, awkward in their purity, each find their own way to express "true love"...?


The Proof Is in the Tail [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

A mutt named Black falls in love with a Japanese spitz named Blanc in a dog cafe! Despite being of different pedigree and both male dogs, Black persists with his love attack towards Blanc...... It's a heartwarming story about humanized dogs!


At His Majesty's Convenience Royal Rebels II Comic


Jake, a young businessman in New York, is called back to his homeland, Ruthenia, to succeed the throne and is followed by his personal assistant, Andi. Three years after the rebuilding of his country, Jake is pressured by this staff to get married within the month, by Independence Day. But at the daunting party where Jake must choose a future queen from the women of numerous powerful families, Andi gets into an accident and loses her memory! Unlike her usual brilliant but straitlaced self, Andi becomes naively charming. Then one day, the two are caught together by the media and Jake publicly announces that he is "engaged" to Andi.



My Teacher is a Devil... [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

AuthorKoshian uroco

My teacher and my best friend, lustily intertwining, making obscene sounds... Mr. Suwabe... Why are you making me watch?! Nanami is secretly in love with her teacher, Mr. Suwabe. One day, she stumbles upon him and her best friend having passionate sex. Nanami swore to give up her love for the sake of her dear friend, but Mr. Suwabe begins to seduce her in turn. "Was that your first kiss?" Nanami goes weak in the knees for her teacher's passionate kiss, but soon after she is forced to watch him sexually dominate her friend. "Mr. Suwabe, please... Don't play with my heart... !!"


Frenzied Relatives -A Sweet Trap with Handsome Twins- Comic


Miwa is a plain office worker, but she wins the heart of Shinya, the son of an old, distinguished family, and they are to get married! She's reached a happy goal...or so she believes briefly, but on her wedding night, she's dressed in a black wedding dress and presented to a man she's never seen before...! It seems the man is Shinya's twin brother, Koya. "The man who gets you pregnant will be your true husband. Conceive my child...!" Heavy-handed caresses, relentless rubbing of her chest, her feelings "down there"...! When the cool, handsome butler joins in, Miwa's newlywed life at the mercy of three men begins...!


Kitty Kafe: Cats in Heat ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


Mayo gets her long-awaited chance to work at a "cat cafe?" - a peculiar establishment where hot guys wearing kitty-cat ears cater to female customers looking to forget the stress of everyday life. With this kind of environment, it seems like the purrfect job at first...but with her feline coworkers having set their sights on her in more ways than one, Mayo has her work cut out for her!


Mr. Perfect Next Door -Today, He Made Me Climax for the First Time.- [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

"Are you about to cum?" She's suddenly embraced, played with, and cums within seconds after they meet! Ayaka Yoshizawa is a normal office worker. She was labelled as "a woman who can't orgasm" by the first man she dated. Since then, she's been fearful of dating. "Am I gonna be forever single......?" Just as she's halfway to giving up, one day after she gets home, an unknown man forces his way through the front door and suddenly embraces her tightly!! He touches her all over and she's scared, yet she's turned on in a way she's never been before...... She cums for the first time in her life......! She finds out that there was actually a porn studio next door and that they had mistaken her for the actress. But the male porn star who embraced her and called himself Kei comes to stay next door...... " As an apology for last time, I'll turn your body into one that can orgasm!"


Imitation Mate [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


"I just wanted to make an alpha like you pant." An omegaverse story where an alpha from an elite family who hates omegas meets an alpha who is too carefree. Tsukasa is the ideal alpha: he was raised in an elite family and now works in his father's company. One day, he happens to meet Yoshiki, a fellow alpha and former high school classmate, who he once saw as a rival. However, he is surprised to discover that the aloof Yoshiki is living a carefree, unprofessional life that is completely atypical for an alpha. They go out drinking to celebrate their reunion, and Yoshiki has a few too many, prompting Tsukasa to help him get home. That's when Yoshiki seizes the chance to entice Tsukasa: "Being with another alpha can be fun, too." Even though he is against it at first, Tsukasa eventually gives in to the frenzy of pleasure and gets carried away in a relationship that isn't just a one-time thing. He figures that he can stop this kind of infertile relationship anytime he wants...That is, until he notices changes within his body...


Dirty Daddy Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Tatsumi vowed to never start a relationship with a dad. But, after meeting his junior colleague, Yuto (a sweet single dad), the idea of the three of them spending time together seems like something he might want. Tatsumi decides to break it off before he gets too attached. One night, he tries to hit on Yuto to drive him away, but it unexpectedly works! Yuto isn't just some sweet dad who wants nothing for himself! Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


A Pure Boy Meets an Imaginative Girl -How Much Is Too Much for the First Time!?- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot


Mitsuru Hayuka, the Art Director at M.J. Games, has worked so many late nights that she hasn't had time for a boyfriend and now she's almost 30. While her coworkers are dating and getting married left and right, Mitsuru has been out of the scene so long that coming up with a good scenario for a dating simulator app mini-game is a serious challenge. Mitsuru's one secret bright spot is the new guy, Ichito Katou, who showers her with encouragement. "I love (the games) you (make) so much!" She remembers him telling her point blank while burning the midnight oil and blushes. Then her imagination takes it to the next level ...! "Sleeping arm in arm? If it's alright with you, why don't we model it?" With that, Ichito's fingers and tongue hit all of Mitsuru's sweet spots. Knowing her sensitive places too well for it to be his first time, Mitsuru's body melts in a heat she'd long forgotten. Unable to withstand the urges washing over her, she starts to crave more of Ichito. "Was all that really just in my head!? Or was it...!?"


Struck with Desire [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

Taichi Hasegawa may be a cute high-school freshman on the outside, but a depraved monster lurks within! On his way to his new dorm, Taichi spots an incredibly handsome guy on the train, and accidentally gropes him! Later, it turns out the guy he groped is his new roommate, Shinobu Seto! Taichi knows it's wrong, but he keeps getting turned on at the worst possible moments... He had no idea he had it in him! Despite his best efforts not to bother Shinobu anymore, Taichi ends up jerking him off, and all kinds of other accidental antics happen! He's going out of his mind! Could this chaotic dorm life actually lead to love...!?


First Come, First Served [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Koki Suzuhara is a college student who is still hasn't slept with anyone because he's too scared to date girls. He's sobbing at a bar after getting jilted again when a stranger tells him that he'll introduce him to a girl. He's light on his feet as he goes to a designated room... and who does he see smiling wickedly with a rope in hand but Masumi Shiina, the stranger he met at the bar!! "You'll still be taught the beginner's course... by me." From that day onward, the stimulating lessons get underway...!! And so begin the all-out tactics of love with a pushy, yet irresistible older man! Don't miss this explosion of heavy romance.
Includes two digital-only pages.


His Sexual Urges Are Unstoppable! -24-Hour Sex Care for My Stud Boss- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"You seem to really be enjoying this!" Like an animal, he's digging and feeding off the juices of my body... Is this the CEO's illness he was talking about!? I was fired from my job as a healthcare worker. When a headhunter offered me another job for 50K a month, it turned out that my client was a hot young CEO who acted like the perfect gentleman! I was thinking of how happy I was caring for such an amazing person...... but then he changed into a perverted beast! Wait! Please! Don't put your dick in me! It's a lie that your illness won't go away unless you cum, right?


Another Yakuza's Way -Beautiful When Seen Through a Fundoshi- Comic


I hit the car of a Yakuza...My life is over...or so I thought, when the beautiful Yakuza boss showed up! He smiled mysteriously as he gave me a bill for 5 million yen. "You're kind of cute..." he said. Am I his next target? He touches my private parts and takes my anal virginity even though I am still a virgin! My days of paying him back with my body begin...!? You can't miss this indecent kimono discipline and dirty moaning fundoshi play!


Lovestruck in High School ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


"I've always dreamed of falling in love at an all-boys school!!" Right when Hinata finally gets accepted to a boys' school, his dad gets transferred overseas and Hinata's sent to live with a family friend. A little nervous, he heads to the address, only to find a guy who's just his type waiting at the door! A lovestruck Hinata forgets all his worries in an instant. Excited, Hinata starts fantasizing about all the ways things might go, getting very turned on. He can't help touching himself, and gets caught red-handed by the guy of his dreams! What will become of his life as a strapping young schoolboy!!?

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